SSDPro-ExhaustTM Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

I have a Duramax Diesel and I am wondering how I can tell which model engine I have? I see its important to know to order the correct exhaust system.

Easy...the 8th digit of your VIN is the engine code and indicates which engine you have. Here is the explanation... Engine LB7 has engine code "1", Engine LLY has engine code "2", Engine LBZ has engine code "D", Engine LMM has engine code "6"


What is the difference between aluminized and stainless steel?

Aluminized steel has a coating applied hot as a rust prevention measure. Average life expectancy is 5-10 years depending on climate. Stainless Steel will last the life of the truck. Both are made in the USA.


I received my stainless steel exhaust system and it is magnetic. Did I receive the wrong system?

No, 409 stainless steel is magnetic and has a brownish tint to its color. It is the industry standard for stainless steel automotive exhaust systems. If made from 304 stainless (shiny) the cost would be double or triple what you paid.


I received my ssd-4005780 system for my 6.5 TD and the hangers appear different then what I have. Did I receive the wrong system?

The 92-00 6.5 Turbo Diesel trucks all used the same pipes, but the hangers varied in style and location from year to year, model to model, and wheelbase to wheelbase. To supply hangers for every situation, we would have to make 30 different kits just for the 6.5 trucks and that wouldn't be cost effective. Instead we supply the most common hangers and advise if they are different then yours, you can easily modify them to fit. If not that mechanically inclined, you can use a universal hanger like our ssd-630550's or just install the system and hang on mechanic's wire and drive over to a muffler shop to have permanent hangers installed. I find most shops will install hangers for a 1/2 hour's labor or a couple boxes of donuts.


I need to do some welding to my exhaust system. Are there any precautions I need to take?

Yes, besides the usual safety concerns, you MUST disconnect the negative cables from both batteries. Any vehicle electronics such as your ECM, PMD, etc can be damaged by welding to the vehicle unless powered down.


Will installing any of your exhaust systems cause a code to trip or affect my truck from passing an emissions test?

No, if installed as per the instructions on the vehicle the system was designed for, no codes will trip. A free flowing exhaust will never have any negative effect on an emissions test. If anything, it may improve emissions.


What is the advantage to installing a 4" or 5" exhaust?

Diesels need to breathe and anytime you improve flow in or out of a diesel, you will make hp and improve mileage. Also, EGT will drop significantly and coolant temp may be lower as well.

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