About SSDPro-ExhaustTM

Performance Diesel Exhaust

SSDPro-Exhaust is a newly formed Division of SSDiesel SupplyTM of Tonawanda, NY USA. SSDiesel SupplyTM was formed in 2003 by Walt L. in Tonawanda, NY USA. Tonawanda being the home of one of GM's largest engine plants, Tonawanda Engine, (home of the “Big-Block Chevy”), Walt grew up a gearhead building countless hot rods, musclecars and custom motorcycles. He honed his skills through the years as an ASE Certified Master Diesel Technician, About - Performance Diesel ExhaustIndustrial Service Technician, and eventually in management, including managing a truck dealership and Technical Service Manager in the Heat-Transfer Industry for a Fortune 100 Company.

Walt's interest in diesels peaked back in the early 80's when he purchased a 5.7 diesel engine to custom install in a '72 Chevelle. From there he acquired a GM 6.2 diesel p/u, which he quickly modified with the installation of a Banks Turbo and other performance accessories, then purchasing several 6.5TD's.

Realizing the high quality of the 6.5 TD engine, but discovering its minor weaknesses, he came up with a solution to the chronic temperature related failures encountered with the PMD location.

His design was based on his education and vast experience in both the mechanical and heat transfer industries. Walt's ingenious little device trademarked "FSD Heat-SyncTM"  was born out of necessity. After extensive testing and the unit was proven to work, several units were sold to friends and acquaintances, and eventually word of mouth spread and demand for sales of his unit soared and spawned the idea of SSDiesel SupplyTM being formed.

SSDiesel SupplyTM has undergone rapid growth and transformation in 2004 and set up their operation in Tonawanda, NY mid 2004. In just a year's time moved their operations to a new 6000 sq ft facility located in Kenmore NY, in June 2005. 3 years later we purchased our current 10,000 sq ft building in Tonawanda, NY. Further expansion of this exhaust division has warranted a new warehouse located on Sawyer Ave also in Tonawanda.

About - Performance Diesel ExhaustDemand has taken on solving other areas of concern on the 6.5 with innovations previously unavailable to the general public. Recent developments with the FSD Heat-SyncTM have produced a unit to fit 6.5's installed in G/P vans, school buses and other GM cab/chassis combinations, unprecedented in the industry.

The Company's success is not only based on furnishing the highest quality products, but the belief in 100% customer satisfaction.

SSDiesel SupplyTM now has a network of prestigious Diesel Equipment dealers, bus garages and transit companies around North America and overseas distributing their products and satisfying 6.5 Diesel customers around the world.

About - Performance Diesel ExhaustDemand for high quality performance diesel exhaust systems gave birth to SSDPro-Exhaust in 2010. The Company offers Diesel 4” and 5” performance systems in aluminized steel, and also stainless steel.

These systems are available for the GM 6.5TD as well as Duramax 6.6, Ford Powerstroke, and Cummins Diesel equipped Dodge vehicles. Soon to follow will be performance exhaust and accessories for Classic Musclecars.

SSDPro-Exhaust will continue in the tradition of SSDiesel SupplyTM of being a family owned and operated Company, offering quality products at a fair price and customer service second to none. - © Copyright 2007-Present